NQT Appropriate Body

Using the Wandle TSA for your NQT  Appropriate Body Services

The Wandle Teaching School Alliance provides an Appropriate Body service to manage all the statutory elements for an NQT’s monitoring, support and assessment during the induction period.

The whole process from registration to completion is managed online through the secure Wandle NQT Manager Website which can be accessed by clicking here.

The WTSA will:

  • Ensure that NQTs are appropriately monitored and supported through their induction year.
  • Monitor the personalised induction programme, designated tutor support and the reduced timetable.
  • Address areas of performance that require further development and support where an NQT may be experiencing difficulties and broker tailored support and guidance for unusual circumstances or when NQTs do not meet the standards, through our network of Leading Teachers.
  • Read and authorised promptly, allowing early identification of NQTs requiring additional support or intervention.
  • Provide up to date advice and guidelines, in line with DfE requirements and NQT mentor training and support for induction tutors.

The charge of £150 is a one-off payment per NQT regardless of the length of their induction period, length of employment at the school and start date. The charge for any support brokered for Leading Teacher deployments will be additional, and negotiated on a case by case basis.

STEP 1 – Register your school with the WTSA Appropriate Body online by clicking here.

  • If you are using NQT manager for the first time the school’s NQT coordinator will need to register the school on NQT Manager
  • The school’s registration is then authorised by the WTSA
  • The school’s NQT coordinator creates a profile for the head teacher

STEP 2 – Register your NQTs

  • Create a profile for each NQT
  • NQT manager automatically checks QTS status with the TRA
  • Once QTS status is confirmed the NQT’s registration is authorised by the WTSA

STEP 3 – Manage the assessment process online

  • Assessment templates, with clear deadlines, are available and required to be completed by the NQT’s mentor at the end of each term.
  • Assessment forms are digitally signed by NQT, tutor and HT and submitted electronically.
  • The NQTs induction programme, use of 10% non-contact time and evidence towards meeting the standards can be uploaded to the individual profiles.

STEP 4 - Sign up to the one-day training programme for NQT mentors and induction tutors which we run in partnership with Wandsworth LA by clicking here.  

  • 18th September 2018, 9:30am – 3pm at Wandsworth Professional Development Centre
  • The day will cover an overview of the roles of the school and mentor in supporting the NQT with an appropriate school-based programme, and will also look at undertaking observations and providing feedback. This course is for new and experienced mentors who wish to fully understand their role in supporting NQTs and assessing them in line with the Teachers’ Standards. This session will include a guide to the NQT manager online service and the resources available to schools.