The London South West Maths Hub is led by Chesterton and Belleville Primary schools and works in partnership with Wandsworth Local Authority.

The geographical area that we are aiming to cover comprises of the 7 boroughs of: Wandsworth, Merton, Sutton, Kingston, Richmond, Hillingdon and Hammersmith & Fulham. We also have strong links with other surrounding areas, such as Kensington & Chelsea and areas of Croydon, and will actively look to engage schools in other areas where appropriate.

The London South West Maths Hub aims to support the learning of Mathematics by assisting schools and teachers in the form of national and local projects in the 2015-16 school year:  

  • The England-China Maths Education Research Programme: Delivering courses on transferable elements of findings from Shanghai research project to school leaders and class teachers in Primary schools and lower Secondary schools (Years 7 and 8).
  • The Textbook Project: Trialing and evaluating the use of high-quality textbooks (linked to the Singapore model) to support mastery teaching in Years 1 and 2.
  • Post-16 Participation: An intensive project with priority schools and colleges working with FMSP and CMSP to increase levels of participation in Level 3 Mathematics.
  • Developing Mathematical Reasoning in KS3: Improving the teaching of mathematical reasoning in KS3 for schools involved, and identify effective approaches to departmental development and individual professional learning.
  • Primary Mathematics Teaching for Mastery Specialists Programme: Four teachers selected by the Maths Hub will take part in an NCETM training and development programme for Mastery Specialists.  They will each also work with pairs of teachers from five schools to introduce and encourage a teaching for mastery approach. The four teachers will participate in three two-day residentials to support their development.
  • Meeting National Expectations in Maths - Developing Mathematical Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving in Year 6: Understand the new, higher expectations for Year 6 Mathematics and develop mathematical thinking and understanding across a range of contexts and problems. Explore exciting teaching approaches to match Year 6 expectations
  • Secondary Maths Leadership Networks: A series of networking opportunities for Secondary Maths heads of department to allow the development and sharing of best practice, particularly in the light of curriculum and assessment changes.
  • Exploring and Developing Mastery Approach to Teaching Mathematics – KS1 Focus: A series of CPD opportunities backed up by action research to explore and develop a mastery approach to teaching Mathematics commencing with a conference for senior leads followed by workshops, class-based exploration and sharing of good practice.
  • Developing Local Expert Practitioners in Mathematics: Developing the local pool of expert practitioners in Mathematics, to support other teachers in developing their own teaching through gallery lessons, shared planning and delivery and observation
  • Basic Number Facts – The Importance of Mastery of Basic Skills in Primary Maths: Working collaboratively with participants, this work group will explore the importance of recall of basic Maths facts linking with learning from Shanghai experience (specifically focusing on addition and subtraction facts to 20).
  • Count Us All In – Securing Subject and Pedagogical Knowledge in Fractions at Primary: A sustained Mathematics professional development programme run over a whole school year.  The aim of the programme is to improve teaching and learning in fractions across the whole school by developing a consistent approach year on year.
  • Developing Pedagogy and Understanding of Bar Modelling at Primary and Secondary Level:  Extended programme of 4 half-day face to face sessions for ambassador teachers to develop expertise in bar modelling and its use within the classroom,
  • Securing Progress in Maths – Subject and Pedagogical Knowledge for the New Curriculum for Primary Teachers: A series of CPD sessions to develop areas that are hard to teach and hard to learn within the framework of a new curriculum, with a particular focus on place value, fractions and calculation.
  • Developing Computational Fluency in Key Stage 1 through Number Masters: Using a specially designed programme - Number Masters, we aim to develop teachers of new partner schools’ understanding of the mastery approach and further test the effectiveness of these materials. We are also aiming to develop the role of support staff in supporting mastery pedagogy in classrooms.

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